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Our vendors

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Md. Abdullah Al Kamal - Lotus
CEO, fnfDesk Technology
Welcome to fnfdesk

Our vendors are our assets.

FNF Desk always maintain a good relationship with the vendors. We consider them as our assets. You are always welcome to get listed as vendor. If you want to get listed, please complete the form bellow and submit that to us. We will make necessary contact when and where necessary.


The following is a list of key technology platforms and products used in our software development work.

FnF Desk Technology
FnF Desk Technology is the AI based outsourcing platform all around the world. We intricate world class skilled freelances here. https://www.fnfdesk.com
FnF Cash
FnF Cash is the largest payment gateway system all around the world. It deals with all local and international payment gateway. https://www.fnfcash.com
FnF Business
FnF Business is a trading platform for trading like stock exchange. We are trying to ensure best pricing for our agriculture. https://www.fnfbusiness.com
FnF Academy
FnF Academy is the AI based education platform for future generation. It is unique and online based call system. https://www.fnfacademy.com
Cyber Technology Bangladesh
Cyber Technology Bangladesh the largest network service provider in Bangladesh. We deal with local and international IPS, IGW, ICX, Mobile Operators, Datacenters, Etc. http://www.cybertechnologybd.com
Porichoi Bangladesh
Porichoi Bangladesh is a outstanding social media and market place for all rent and purchase. This is an eight generation e-commerce platform. https://www.porichoi.com

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